The Lanewood residence at Glenhaven学院 offers a community-centered around respect for each other and for our environment. 通过先进的临床领导和个性化护理, 我们每天都为学生创造机会,让他们体验成功. We support a culture where students embrace their resiliency and develop internal capacities that allow their future to be greater than their past.  我们提供全面的临床, 教育, 职业, 为女同性恋者提供医疗巴黎人线路检测中心, 同性恋, 双性恋, 变性人, 质疑, 双性(LGBTQI), 和结盟的青年. Staff at Lanewood work closely with students on developing independent living skills.  

Focus: Lanewood creates an environment that helps students heal and develop necessary skills to have a successful future. 我们提供包容、非歧视的医疗巴黎人线路检测中心 & 对不同性别青少年的心理保健 & 性身份 & 表达式.
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Highly trained staff share the belief that we cannot solve our students’ problems or change their pasts, but we can equip them with the skills that will help them lead healthy and happy lives. 一个主要的焦点是ARC(附件), 自我调节和能力)处理框架, which focuses on supporting our students in 安全ly managing their overwhelming emotions in order to work on improving their relationships with those around them. We help our students explore their sense of self separate from their past experiences by fostering and developing their skills and interests so they form a positive identity. 我们提供以社区为基础的巴黎人线路检测中心,帮助学生准备过渡, which focuses on life skills development in order to support students for living independently or with their families.

Lanewood和 Glenhaven provide opportunities for students who are LGBTQI and LGBTQI allies who would benefit from an environment where they can work through identified treatment goals in a confidential, 培养, 安全, 和支持性环境. Lanewood员工接受ARC(附件)培训, 监管, competency) model and work to support students as they are working through treatment.

我们提供密集的, 为学生提供全面的巴黎人线路检测中心和资源,欢迎和不评判, 尊重性取向和/或性别认同的首选术语. We also offer services and supports to family members to ensure the families/identified supports receive services that will allow for a successful reunification or transition plan to allow for long-term success. 我们有经验的, 适当的训练, and affirming health and mental health providers address mental health and physical healthcare needs. 我们为所有学生提供教育、临床、职业和医疗巴黎人线路检测中心.





Lanewood offers the unique experience of coupling trauma-informed treatment and care with real world independent living opportunities. Our staff work closely with students to identify individual interest level and talents that would compliment employment and volunteer opportunities in the local communities. We are committed to teaching our students life skills necessary to thrive after graduation. 学生们学习计划菜单,准备饭菜,平衡预算和自我照顾.




创伤 & 家庭问题

悲伤 & 损失








Lanewood is designed to give students who have faced adverse situations a 安全 place to heal and develop a healthy sense of self. We work closely with every student to ensure they are able to develop healthy coping strategies, 支持关系, 接触积极的生活经历,这在本质上是可以改变的. Every journey is unique; however, with a strong sense of community, Lanewood offers a place to excel.


莱内伍德以其充满创伤的环境而自豪. Our milieu counselors have a thorough understanding of the role they play in the healing process and view every interaction as a learning experience and teachable moment for our students. We support our students in building 安全 and effective 监管 strategies to manage the emotions that arise daily and that are often connected to their trauma histories. We use these moments as a form of parallel trauma processing to provide feedback to clinical staff on an individual’s readiness to 安全ly tolerate overwhelming emotions, 哪些与个体治疗过程有显著联系. Competency also plays a key role in our milieu and the overall treatment our students receive. Competency helps our students to realize they are not defined by the negative experiences they have had in life and can achieve immeasurable successes in their future.


For assistance determining which programs or services will meet your individualized need, 请填写下面的表格. Our Service Navigator will reach out to you about your inquiry via phone, text, or email. 如果你对某个项目有疑问, 请联系上面“让我们联系”框中列出的项目主任. 

请注意,此表格不符合HIPAA.  我们敦促您不要包括受保护的健康信息.





自2000年1月以来,Rachel一直是JRI团队的成员. 20多年来, Rachel has been working in the field of human services assisting families with accessing and navigating services. Rachel received her Bachelors degree in psychology and Masters Degree in Public Administration from Bridgewater State University. She was promoted in July 2005 to 家庭网络 项目负责人 where she closely worked with the Department of Children Families for 10 years ensuring that children and families received the highest quality of individualized services ranging from community based through residential care. Rachel is very dedicated to helping the individuals she works with and is committed to improving the lives of children and families. Rachel’s passion for creative service programming inspires her in her role as JRI巴黎人线路检测中心导航器.